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5 reasons why yoga is important for kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a sport where all your muscles are constantly engaged. In order to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle it is important to stretch, reduce tension from muscles and strengthen deep inner core muscles. All of this comes with yoga practice. Here we give you 5 reasons why yoga is important for kitesurfing:

  1.   Injury prevention
  2.   Strengthens core muscles
  3.   Strengthens your whole body and improves balance
  4.   Post kite stretching (performance & recovery value)
  5.   Relaxing

1.      Injury prevention

As a kitesurfer it is necessary to warm up and prepare your body for action on the water protect yourself from injuries and support your performance. Yoga is a great way to prepare mentally and physically before your session. Watch this video for some great warm up exercises.

  1.      Strengthen your core muscles

Yoga practice is essentially Core practice. Everything you do in yoga engages your core, from core-centric poses, moving from pose to pose and using your core to stabilize your body. A Strong core will improve your jumps and unhooked tricks.  Core strength beneficial and protects your back and overall posture.

Yoga core work works better for kitesurfing tricks than your average abdomen workout giving you more flexibility and freedom to move.

  1.      Strengthens your whole body and improves your balance

One thing you should remember – yoga is diverse and a dynamic practice that involves thousands of different poses. Yoga not only improves your body strength but also balance. You will be building both: big (chest, glutes, back and abs) and small (shoulders, triceps, biceps and calves) muscle groups. The balance improves your ability to land the freestyle tricks. Also, Yoga helps to support ligaments, tendons and strengthens your bones too!

  1.      Post kite stretching

Stretching out your muscles after any sport is absolutely essential. Firstly, it will reduce DOMS- “Delayed onset muscle soreness” that is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after active exercising. Secondly, it improves flexibility and movement so you can enjoy your session the next day.

Yoga helps to repair and and recovery time is quicker!

  1.      Relaxing

Time to reflect and be thankful. Yoga is a perfect time for you to remember and appreciate the many blessings in your life and where you are exactly now!  So relax and reenergise, and catch that sunset beer with your friends!

Yoga not only provides endless health benefits but also improves your level of kitesurfing.

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