Young Generation

What could be a more beautiful dream for your children than learning to kiteboard or wingfoil in a dreamy environment like the Dakhla lagoon!

Discover our YOUNG GENERATION offer!

-30% discount on Kiteboarding and Windfoil lessons for children under 14 years old.
This offer is valid for all seasons.

We have trained our instructors in teaching children and we make it a point of honor to place safety at the heart of their experience. They prioritize the importance of safety measures, including the proper use of equipment, understanding wind conditions, and supervision during water sports activities.

Our instructors also provide children with appropriately sized equipment, tailored to their age and skill level, ensuring a comfortable and safe learning experience. Moreover, the tranquil lagoon of Dakhla offers a sheltered space allowing children to practice their skills with minimal risk. The calm and reliable winds provide an ideal setting for children to develop their water sports techniques while feeling safe under the supervision of qualified instructors.