Safety is of utmost importance in Dakhla’s water sports community. The instructors prioritize teaching children about the importance of safety measures, including proper equipment usage, understanding wind conditions, and maintaining control during water sports activities.
They also provide children with appropriate-sized equipment that is suitable for their age and skill level, ensuring a comfortable and safe learning experience.
Moreover, the tranquil lagoon in Dakhla offers a sheltered area for children to practice their skills with minimal risks. The calm and reliable wind patterns provide an ideal setting for kids to develop their water sports techniques while feeling secure under the supervision of trained instructors.


For low season, standard season and high season a child rate for Kitesurfing, wingfoil and DRIFTER lessons as follows:

All children under 14 years old will benefit from a 30% discount for their Kitesurfing, wingfoil and DRIFTER lessons depending on the price of the lesson and the season


High Season :
– From 14 March to 30 June
– From 25 July to 27 August
-From 5 September to 8 November
– From 23 December to 4 January

Medium Season :
– From 1 February to 13 March
– From 1-24 July
– From 28 August to 4 September
– From 9-23 November

 Low Season :
– From 5 January to 31 January
– From 24 November to 22 December