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Why take advanced kitesurfing classes?

Probably you came across this topic because you are bored of riding back and forth, you stopped progressing and just simply don’t feel that excitement when doing something for the first time. In this situation, advanced kitesurfing classes can help you to progress and learn something new. In this article, we give you 5 simple reasons why you should take advanced kitesurfing classes.

  1. Gain more knowledge about advanced kitesurfing
  2. Stop making same mistakes over and over again
  3. Get rid of your fears
  4. Progress faster riding with your instructor
  5. Continue progressing after your class
  1. Gain more knowledge about advanced kitesurfing

Even though you think you know everything about kitesurfing, there is always a room for knowledge! Acquiring knowledge can come in different forms – watching pro riders or your instructor riding, watching progression videos(North Kiteboarding Academy is doing a really good ones) or simply reading blogs of how to do tricks. The most important aspect about gaining knowledge is paying attention to details. You need to understand the trick inside out – kite, board and body positioning, speed and timing. When you start learning from different types of media and people, you will notice that everyone is explaining the same thing differently so at the end you will remember the most memorable explanation.

  1. Stop making same mistakes over and over again 

A good instructor will immediately spot the mistakes you are making and will explain how to correct them. It might be that you are not putting enough weight on your back leg as you come out of the water, meaning the board nose dives and you again make another face plant. If you like to analyse all mistakes in depth then ask your instructor to film you with camera. Then after the session, the instructor can explain what you did wrong, show your riding in slow motion and correct it in the next session.

  1. Get rid of your fears

Sometimes fears are holding you back from progression. There can be many types of fears but usually all of them are related to the lack of knowledge. Our solution is to come back to basics, use a step-by-step learning approach and try as many times as you need!

Our step-by-step system from fear to confidence:

(FEAR) Try Fail Get feedback (from your instructor) try again and fail repeat automatize the actions (CONFIDENCE)

  1. Progress faster riding with your instructor

Instructor riding next to you makes a huge difference than instructor standing on the shore. You will feel safer and you can get tips anytime in the water. The best thing is that your instructor can demonstrate a technique and tricks just in front of you, cheer you up after a good crash and motivate you. All these things matter when you want to progress faster.

  1. Continue progressing after your class

There are many ways how you can progress after your kitesurfing class. Some of the tricks you know but some of them might sound new to you. The most typical advice from any instructor you can hear is to have a P-L-A-N. When you have a plan on the paper or in your mind, you will become more systematic.

5 step to success in kitesurfing:

  1. You always should set a goal
  2. Visualize how to do a trick step-by-step
  3. Watch kitesurfing tutorials
  4. Prepare to fail (it’s normal to fail in any sport)
  5. After successful session reward yourself

Now you know the main reasons why you should take advanced kitesurfing classes. Constantly learning, stopping making the same mistakes, getting rid of your fears, riding with your instructor and having a real plan are the main reasons why advanced kitesurfing classes will help you to progress faster.

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