Emergencies & First Aid: First aid material for immediate response to accidents happening on our premises is available at the Reception free of charge. The material needed for the following days like band-aids, betadine, etc, is for sale in your SURF SHOP.
In case of emergencies, there is a hospital in Dakhla. If anything happens, you need to have your passport ready and some money to pay for the services.
For extreme emergencies, Dakhla Attitude Hotel will provide free transport or make use of a local ambulance service (extra).


Electricity: Dakhla Attitude Hotel generates its electricity from 2 big gasoline groups. We have a big project underway to make Dakhla Attitude a green place.
IMPORTANT: Electricity is shut down every night from 2 am till 4 am. This means there is NO electricity in the camp. If you have any special needs please contact the reception.
F&B: For security reasons, food and beverages brought from outside the hotel, including alcoholic beverages, are strictly prohibited. If you choose to bring your own alcoholic bottles, a bottle fee of 50€ / 550 MAD will be charged. Please note that under no circumstances are these beverages allowed to be consumed at the bars or restaurants of Dakhla Attitude Hotel.


Reception: The official reception hours are from 9 am until 9 pm. Our reception staff resides at the camp, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time outside of these hours. Our security staff is available overnight as well.
For any issues not listed or for any assistance needed, please feel free to reach out to the reception at any time.


Credit accounts: To facilitate your stay, we have created a credit account for you upon your arrival. All expenses incurred at our bars, restaurant, and additional services (surf shop, extra activities, spa, etc.) will be charged to this account, which must be settled before your departure. Each time you place an order, you will receive a ticket with your name and room number that requires your signature. A detailed report of your expenses will be provided on your departure day upon request.
Please note that credit accounts will be closed at 6:00 pm during check-out. If you make any purchases from the shop, spa, or bar, you may settle the payment in cash.
IMPORTANT: If a customer uses a different name or room number for their personal expenses, their credit account will be closed, and immediate payment of the account will be required.


Internet: WiFi internet is provided free of charge at Dakhla Attitude Hotel. However, please note that due to our location in the desert, the satellite connection may occasionally be slow. WiFi hotspots are accessible at the reception, restaurant, and Pink Flamingo Bar. If you require a 3G connection, it is available through a USB stick. The cost for this service is 7.5€ / 82 MAD per week, and it can be requested at the hotel reception. The 3G connection is available throughout the Dragon Camp, restaurant, Pink Flamingo Bar, and surrounding areas.


Water: Water is provided free of charge during breakfast, lunch, and dinner at our hotel. To ensure the availability of clean and drinkable water, we have implemented a reverse osmosis treatment plant on the premises. In line with our commitment to supporting Dakhla’s fight against plastic pollution, we do not offer plastic water bottles. However, 1.5-liter plastic bottles are available for purchase at the bar for 2€ / 22 MAD. Please note that VIP SERVICES include fresh water in your bungalow.
IMPORTANT: Crystal bottles from the restaurant are not permitted to be taken to the rooms. We do not recommend drinking tap water in your room.


Towel: Upon your check-in, a bag containing towels will be provided to you. A deposit of 15€ / 165 MAD per person will be added to your account. Once you return the towels during check-out, the deposit will be refunded. If you wish to change your towels, simply return the dirty ones in the bag to the reception, and a new bag with fresh towels will be given to you.


Sport material: Kite, windsurf, or surf equipment cannot be stored in the rooms. Instead, a designated storage room is available next to the sports center.
The sports center is open every day from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm.


Departure day: All good things must come to an end… The morning prior to your departure, you will find a file in your room explaining the check-out process.


Laundry: Laundry service is available for guests at Dakhla Attitude Hotel. Please request a designated bag at the reception for your laundry. Clean clothes will be delivered within 2 days, and the price per bag is 10€ / 110 MAD.


VIP Service: Upgrade to the VIP service is available for an additional 10€ / 110 MAD per night per bungalow. This upgrade includes perks such as fresh fruit, water, and towels. Additionally, free storage for sports equipment is provided.


Bungalow Cleaning: Each bungalow is equipped with a set of cleaning tools for your convenience, allowing you to perform small daily cleanings. Our housekeeping staff will clean your bungalow on a daily basis, and bed linens will be changed every 4 days. If you require extra cleaning, please request it at the reception.
IMPORTANT: Please note that towels provided by Dakhla Attitude Hotel should not be used at the sports center, beach, or cable park area.
Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms.
Please be aware that Dakhla Attitude Hotel offers a full board service and not an all-inclusive package.