DAKHLA ATTITUDE CABLE PARK officially started operations in March 2014 during the PKRA DAKHLA 2014 hosted by Dakhla Attitude. All the pro-riders joined us for unforgettable sessions and were impressed with the DWS 2.0 system tag we installed and with the quality of the complete set up. Nobody could believe such a cable park in the middle of the desert!

The DACP is a 140x45M pool with a 2.0 DWS system. Our 2 big kickers, box and rooftop will challenge even the most advanced riders. For beginners and kids, 2 small kickers are available anytime. DACP is open all year long and it operates from 10am to 8pm.

DACP uses HYPERLITE and NORTH boards. RONIX, HYPERLITE and NORTH boots and NP specific accessories (helmets & life vests).


The rules are for everyone’s safety. Anyone ignoring the rules or the crew’s instructions will not be allowed to ride without refund. Dakhla Atittude is not responsible for the accidents, injuries or fatalities that may occur while using the cable system. Ride Safe!

To benefit from a preferential rate at the nautical base, you can pre-book your desired activity.


  • All pre-booked nautical activities must be paid no later than 30 days before arrival.
  • Any on-site payment at check-in will be payable at the normal on-site rate.
  • In the event of total or partial non-consumption of the pre-booked activity, the remainder can only be consumed in the nautical base (other activities). Food, bar, spa, land excursions, etc. are excluded.
  • However, if there is a remainder on the initial voucher, the customer will be issued a nominative voucher, valid for 2 years, with the residual value not consumed.

// All participants must comply with the cablepark rules and assume full responsibility for their own safety.

// All participants must know how to swim.

// It is forbidden to ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

// A life vest and helmet must be worn at all times.

// Admission is allowed only to persons with a valid ticket. Tickets can be purchased at the Pink Flamingo Bar or Hotel Reception.

// Riders under 15 years old must have proof of parental consent.

// No sitting, kneeling or standing on the edge of the pier.

// Obstacles are for advanced riders only! Sliders and kickers can only be used by advanced riders who must have permission from a crew member. In case of accident, Dakhla Attitude will not assume any responsibility.

// Never put the handle between your legs.

// Never wrap the rope around any body parts.

// Dakhla Attitude does not assume any responsibility for damage or injury that may occur to riders using their own equipment.

// Kitesurfing free style tricks are not allowed. A wake boat is available to that end. Please ask the sports centre front desk for details.

Price Pax Time
Ride 15€ 1 15 min
Ride Group 50 5 max 60 min
Wake Lesson 25€ 1 30 min
Equip. Rental 2€ 1 -
Wake skate / Surf 2€ 1 -

// Avoid collisions by executing big curves. If you are not confident, let go of the rope immediately and fall into the water.

// Sliders and kickers may only be used with plastic or fiberglass fins with a maximum height of 2cm.You will be responsible for any damage to equipment caused by non compliance, and Dakhla Attitude will not be responsible for any resulting injury or accident.

// Do not perform unnecessary edging. Keep to the centre of the pool and only edge a few meters before an obstacle.

// Do not attempt to jump if the landing area is not free of obstacles. Ensure the area is clear before jumping.

// If you wish to exit, ride to the exterior of the red buoys at the launching tower, raise your hand to signal the operator and let go of the rope once you pass the buoy.

// If you fall, swim to the center of the pool and wait until the handle reaches you. If you wish to finish, take off the board, signal the operator and walk with your equipment to the closet shore.

// Maximum 5 riders per hour. During full occupancy, rides will be limited to 10 minutes per person.

// The Cable Park does not operate in case of fog, poor visibility and/or strong winds. Runs will be cancelled and rescheduled.

// In the event of a technical problem taking over 15 minutes, runs will be cancelled and rescheduled.