Easy to use, easy to learn! Foil Wing is a new fun way to enjoy water sports in light wind conditions. Our staff can teach you how to use it in no time. Developed at first for downwinds on a Surf Foil, the Wing Foil is a mix between windsurfing and kiteboarding. The conditions for learning how to Wing Foil in Dakhla are perfect. Our school is directly at the beach, where you can start your Wing Foiling experience or improve your skills.


Learning to Foil Wing is sometimes considered to be hard and challenging. But with the right equipment and professional coaching by our experienced team you will be able to make a safe and fast entry into Foil Wing. Wing Foil lessons are available to everyone, but when you never used a foil in any other discipline we will take it step by step to guarantee your safety.

  • level : good Windsurfing, Kitesurfing or Foiling level

  • requirement : riding upwind in kite- or windsurfing


Tailored Wing Foil lessons with one of our high skilled instructors, who will teach you any level and any subject by following you during the whole lesson: the most exclusive way to guarantee fast and safe progression. Either you decide to use your own equipment or learn new tricks on our latest NORTH Foilwing, our coaching is the greatest personal tuition you could ever find in Dakhla.

level: all levels.

requirement: everyone knowing how to swim! no need to have practiced any water sports before.


Prices Semi-private Private
On site Pre Book On site Pre Book
2 hours 140 126 200 180
4 hours 255 230 365 329
6 hours 365 329 530 477
8 hours 465 419 685 617
10 hours 535 482 810 729
12 hours 610 549 920 828
Extra hour 51 77


Prices Rental Insurance
On site Pre Book
1/2 day 43 39 13
1 day 78 70 26
2 days 130 117 46
3 days 165 149 52
4 days 205 185 59
5 days 240 216 65
6/7 days 270 243 72
xtra day +33 +30 +7
13/14 days 505 455 111
xtra day +22 +20 +7
20/21 days 640 576 150
xtra day +22 +20 +7

*Storage fee 10€/Day/Pax , including : storage, compressor, Beach Assistance, Water Security

The Storage Fee is MANDATORY for customers who bring their own equipments
The insurance covers only small damages. Please contact the Sport center for more Details
If no Insurance, a Deposit of 300 € must be recorder at the reception.

Semi Private Lessons : Each student has its own equipment except for the first lesson.

Dear client, take note that the hours paid for the lessons not used will be not refunded in any case. For this purpose we will provide you with a voucher with the remaining hours.