in Dakhla

Dakhla Water Sports Center is open all year long offering Kitesurfing Lessons for beginners, intermediate riders looking to progress and advanced riders looking for some specific training. We also offer Kitesurf lessons for kids and people with special needs.

All our instructors are IKO or VDWS certified instructors.

Our Kitesurf lessons are mainly taught in English and French. Our instructors can also teach lessons in German, Spanish, Polish and Arabic.


With our experience and specific teaching plans, we make the kitesurfing learning process very easy, providing an intensive teaching that always leads to success. It does not matter if customers just want to discover the sport, are complete beginners, in need to refresh their knowledge or wish to get to the next level with their kiting. We are here to give you the best advice and help!


All our kitesurf lessons are scheduled depending on the wind and weather forecast and we try to get everyone in the water for as long as possible. Kitesurf Lessons are taught in front of the sports center on the so-called Dragon Beach.

DAKHLA Water Sports Center works with the latest Northkiteboarding  equipment. All of our accessories (wetsuits, helmets, life vests, harnesses) are from the catalogue and all the items are checked and registered on a daily basis.

We use the latest technology available to provide the best possible experience.


Kids (under 15) and people with specific needs must book private lessons. For kids, parents must sign a responsibility statement allowing us to teach them and they have to find themselves inside the Dakhla Attitude premises and be available whilst their kids are training. If you have specific needs or questions, please contact Rihfly from Dakhla Sport Center.

Suitable for: Beginners/ Intermediates/ Advanced/Professionals/Speedfreaks/Freestylers
Main Wind direction: NE
Wind speed: 15 – 25 knots in winter & stronger wind (30< knots) in July/August
Water: Flat shallow in the lagoon, choppy and waves outside the lagoon.
Air temperature: Nov-June 20º-24º// July-August 27º
Water temperature: Dec-May 19º-22º// June-November 23º-25º
Tides: The riding area is huge at high tide and gets significantly smaller at low tide.
Dangers: None


Private lessons are ideal for those wanting to improve quickly. This will give a more personalized session tailored to the guests needs. All students that complete private lessons are invited for a free downwind to the white dune with the Rihfly Dakhla Sport Center staff. For children under 15, private lessons are mandatory*


Semi-private lessons are ideal for those who prefer sharing their class with someone with the same level. There will be 1 teacher for 2 students. Each student will have his/her own wetsuit, harness, helmet, life vest, and complete kite set.


Prices Semi-private Private
On site Prebook On site Prebook
2 hours 130 117 190 171
4 hours 245 221 345 311
6 hours 350 315 505 455
8 hours 440 396 650 585
10 hours 510 459 770 693
12 hours 585 527 875 788
Extra hour 48,5 74

To benefit from a preferential rate at the nautical base, you can pre-book your desired activity.


  • All pre-booked nautical activities must be paid no later than 30 days before arrival.
  • Any on-site payment at check-in will be payable at the normal on-site rate.
  • In the event of total or partial non-consumption of the pre-booked activity, the remainder can only be consumed in the nautical base (other activities). Food, bar, spa, land excursions, etc. are excluded.
  • However, if there is a remainder on the initial voucher, the customer will be issued a nominative voucher, valid for 2 years, with the residual value not consumed.

*Storage fee 10€/Day/Pax , including : storage, compressor, Beach Assistance, Water Security

The Storage Fee is MANDATORY for customers who bring their own equipments
The insurance covers only small damages. Please contact the Sport center for more Details
If no Insurance, a Deposit of 250 € must be recorder at the reception.

Semi Private Lessons : Each student has its own equipment except for the first lesson.

Dear client, take note that the hours paid for the lessons not used will be not refunded in any case. For this purpose we will provide you with a voucher with the remaining hours.


Dakhla Sport Center houses the complete NORTHKITEBOARDING 2023  collection. Daily item checks are done in order to guarantee optimal quality of the gear.

Prices Rental Insurance
On site Prebook
1/2 day 40 36 11
1 day 75 68 21
2 days 120 108 37
3 days 160 144 42
4 days 195 176 47
5 days 225 203 53
6/7 days 260 234 58
xtra day +32 +29 +5
13/14 days 485 437 89
xtra day +21 +19 +5
20/21 days 610 549 121
xtra day +21 +19 +5
Dear client, take note that the hours paid for the lessons not used will be not refunded in any case. For this purpose we will provide you with a voucher with the remaining hours.