60 minutes long dynamic yoga practice, Vinyasa Flow, adaptable to all levels, designed to get you nicely started and ready for the rest of your day. The practice will start gently and will gradually increase in intensity to naturally stimulate your body and mind in a healthy way for the morning.

Price: € 10


60 minutes long dynamic yoga practice, Vinyasa Flow with a restorative flavor, adaptable to all levels, will get you to unwind and shed out all the day’s accumulated tension and tightness. The practice will start gently and will gradually increase in intensity, before shifting towards a slower and more relaxing pace.

Price: € 10


Private yoga tuition for one or groups is available throughout the day. Please ask for Karim at the reception or the Spa.

Price: € 40 per hour


If you plan on practicing yoga everyday during your stay, this package deal is for you.

€ 70 per lesson


Karim Fadali


Direct student of BKS Iyengar and Shri Pattabhi Jois, Karim is a certified yoga instructor and bodyworker with 23 years of teaching experience. 

Driven by an inborn passion for alternative healing arts and spirituality, Karim has dedicated most of his life to the exploration of yoga as a science of living, along with Buddhism, Daoism as well as various branches of Shamanic traditions with roots in the American continent. 

Comfortable with, and inspired by a variety of yoga styles, (Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Anusara, Yoga Therapy, Partner and Aerial Yoga), Karim’s group classes are progressive and fluid journeys of body movement and awareness, designed to be accessible to all. 

For Karim, the aim of each yoga session is to offer an integral practice that cultivates an organic and wholesome space where opening and positive transformation of the human being in all its multifacetedness (physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, psychological, emotional and spiritual) can take place.

Clarisse Miazza


With a passion for Eastern Spirituality and ancient medicinal traditions, Clarisse dedicated the past 13 years travelling to develop her unique vision, and build strong knowledge.

Clarisse is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, who was classically trained in the tradition of Swami Sivananda at a gurukula – an ancient indian schooling system where the student lives with his or her teacher- at the the foothills of the Himalayas.
Her understanding of both the physical and energetic bodies is reinforced with in depth studies of Reiki, Thai massage at Vat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand, and Ayurveda at Hemadri clinic in Rishikesh, India.
Clarisse incorporates all these dimensions and rich teachings to create joyful bespoke asana classes, which are both challenging and a boon for practitioners of all levels.

From India to Switzerland, Thailand to Indonesia, and most recently southern Costa Rica, Clarisse develops the inner freedom and unity that lies within all of us.



The Yoga & Kitesurf retreat is a perfect combination of relaxation and adrenaline! It includes 2 daily yoga sessions and 4 hours of discovery kitesurfing course.

Our licenced yoga instructors will guide you through your first steps of Yoga or will adapt to your style and personal requests. Our instructors can teach various styles of Yoga and classes are suitable for all body types and fitness levels.

Kitesurfing discovery course is the best way to learn what kitesurfing is about and get the real taste of flying a kite. You should leave with good knowledge on how the equipment works and you probably will get into the water flying the kite.

One week yoga & kite retreat includes:

7 days accommodation

  • Full board
  • 2 Yoga sessions a day
  • 4 hours of kitesurfing discovery (semi-private)*
  • SUP available all the time
  • 10min. in the cable park
  • Airport transfers (arrival & departure)

Prices (high season):

Wind Hunter Double: 750€

Wind Hunter Single: 950€

Prices (low season):

WH Double: 650€

WH Single: 790€

*We are happy to personalise your yoga & kitesurf retreat according to your wants and needs. If you wish you can add more kitesurfing classes or other water sport activities just let us know!

Stop dreaming and start booking your yoga & kitesurf vacation at Dakhla Attitude.


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