Dakhla is a perfect windsurfing destination offering 330 windy days a year, flat water and a uncrowded lagoon. The Dakhla lagoon is a perfect place for all levels from beginner to experts. Close to the shore the water is flat and further out the water is quite choppy so it is perfect for advanced riders to practice chop hops or even advanced freestyle moves. While avanced riders can enjoy riding in a legendary Speed Spot that is just 5 minutes away from the hotel. If you are searching for a new windsurf destination, then Dakhla should be on your list!


Suitable for: Beginners/ Intermediates/ Advanced/Professionals/Speedfreaks/Freestylers
Main Wind direction: NE
Wind speed: 15 – 25 knots in winter & stronger wind (30< knots) in July/August
Water: Flat shallow in the lagoon, choppy and waves outside the lagoon.
Air temperature: Nov-June 20-24// July-August 27
Water temperature: Dec-May 19-22// June-November 23-25
Tides: The riding area is huge at high tide and gets significantly smaller at low tide.
Dangers: None

For wind forecast in Dakhla Lagoon please check Windguru or Windy.


Hannes from Austria is the founder/owner of Dakhla Attitude’s Windsurfing center. He has been windsurfing for over 30 years and 15 years ago he opened his own “Freak windsurf center” in Crete Island, Greece. Now he is living between London, Crete and Dakhla. Hannes is helping to develop the windsurf center in Dakhla.

Lukas from Austria is the founder/owner of Freak Windsurf Dakhla Attitude. He has been windsurfing for 15 years and the last years he was managing Freak windsurf station, together with Hannes in Crete. Now is running and managing the Freak windsurf center in Dakhla Attitude.


Freak Windsurf Dakhla Attitude center offers a fully equiped windsurfing area with a wide selection of material. Center has the latest NP sails and JP boards available for you to rent. Wetsuits, life jackets, helmets and harnesses are free of charge for guests with lessons. We also recommmend to bring your own wetsuit and harness. However, in case you don’t have them you can always rent them from us.


We have a wide range of JP boards: from beginner to advanced level from 85l. up to 180l.


The center has the latest NP sail models: Combat, Dragon Fly, Speedster and Wizard. The sizes of the sails vary from 2 m2 up to 7 m2. For the young ones we have special kids equipment on site.


1 WEEK: 285 €

2 WEEKS: 460 €

3 WEEKS: 580 €

Board or Sail only: 70% of rental rate
Double usage: +20% on rental rate
Harness lines are provided by the Freak Surfstation


7 days: 60 €


7 days: 60 €

14 days: 85 €

21 days: 120 €



Semi-Private lessons are ideal to progress fast. One instructor and 2 students, each student will have his own complete windsurf board. Each student will have its own wetsuit, harness, helmet and life vest.


Private Lessons are ideal for those wanting to make the most out of their holiday. It is one to one personalized teaching for complete beginners, intermediate or advanced riders. We offer a personalized teaching approach where you will work on improving certain techniques or focus on topic of your choice.



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