The Dakhla peninsula has a water extension of about 40km and it is known as Dakhla lagoon. At its widest points the lagoon reach over 17km making it a paradise for kitesurf and windsurf as a spot where the wind blows in perfect conditions. The lagoon has so much to offer and share, come and discover it with us!


The main spot is the wide are right in front of the hotel and sport center. When you wake up on your bungalow, this is what you will be looking at first.

This is one of the best areas in the entire world to learn and practice kitesurf/windsurf due to the constant wind and shallow water. When the is wind is not around here you can go for other activities like catamarans, SUP, kayak, wakeboard and if you are lucky, you can get to swim with a dolphin!

Remember this is the area where action takes place so on windy days swimming is not recommended. Refer to the sport center front desk for more information!


The Dragon Island is the sacred place around. Its beauty is evident since the first moment you look at it. The dragon is facing Dakhla Attitude Hotel and watches out for all the action during the day while it provides sweet dreams at nights.

A big dune of sand and rocks compose this island which the wind gave the shape of a Dragon when seen from the side. The hotel provides boat trips to the Island or, if you have the energy for it, go for a walk/swim to the island with low tide. Don’t be afraid of climbing to the spot and get amazed with the panoramic view over there.

If you visit the Dragon Island be sure to take a pair of shoes with you as the sand is full of shells. remember to choose one shell and take it with you, this means that soon you will be back!


Situated 200m east of the Dragon Camp, once you are there you will understand better than ever why everybody calls it “the speed spot”.

Are you a kitesurfer or windsurfer spending a lot of time looking for flat spots to travel? Stop searching, you hit the jackpot! With an extension of about 2km and only on low tide, a mini dune of 40cm is created which provides the perfect flat and deep water for speed, high jumps and fast trick improvements with pure offshore wind.

The Speed Spot is for experienced riders only!. You can go there walking 15min on the sand or just hire our tractor at the center to take you and pick you up.


The White Dune, “Dune Blanche” or “Duna Blanca” is the most famous attraction to visit in Dakhla peninsula. This is a very big dune of pure white sand that goes into the lagoon and creates its very own small lagoon inside.

Here you can take very nice pictures, roll down the dune and do kitesurfing stunts around the dune. Either you go by boat or 4×4, on the way back you can also go to the oyster farm and taste the famous Dakhla Oysters along with some wine.

Almost every kitesurfer that comes to the hotel does the known downwind to the white dune that takes about 3h riding plus transport. We strongly recommend it! Refer to the sport center front desk for more information!



The nearest wave spot from Dakhla Attitude is Pointe de l’Or. In about 20 minutes you can be riding waves on the Atlantic Ocean alone with your friends.

A desert sand beach with a rocky point create a beautiful small clear water bay where you may see one or two fisherman and the fun waves are all for you.

Right at the entrance of Dakhla town, Dakhla Attitude opened in March 2017 a beautiful surf chill out style hotel called Westpoint. Right in front of the worldclass wave spot Oum Lamboiur, where you can take advantage of insane wave conditions. Perfect side to side offshore moderate wind, beautiful long and glassy rights breaking over the point…

An awesome playground to have fun and enjoy some sessions with kite/wind wave equipment or even renting a surfboard or a SUP at our sport center.

And after the session, have a snack in our sushi restaurant @ Westpoint Dakhla and enjoy this beautiful view over the complete spot.


La Sarga is a fisherman village at the extreme south of the peninsula of Dakhla. This spot is located on the atlantic coast and as all the spots in Dakhla we have beautiful conditions to surf with waves breaking to rights and long periods of 8-10s. This is a perfect spot for surfing and also for wave kitesurfing. Wind is side offshore and the landscape is just breathtaking. La Sarga is almost 45km away from Dakhla Attitude Hotel but when good swells com in there is always a surf excursion heading to this spot.

Due to its location LA SARGA is not always available and if so, only small groups are allowed to go. Contact the front desk at the sport center for more information!


Arish is a fisherman village up north from Dakhla Attitude Hotel. Its a beautiful spot sheltered from the wind by more then 50 meter sand cliffs where surfing and SUP surfing is just incredible. Landscape is unique. Big waves breaking rights with periods of 10-12s and the small blue fishing boats coming in and out all day long. The atlantic coast of the sahara at its best. Arish is situated 35km away from Dakhla Attitude Hotel but when good swells com in there is always a surf excursion heading to this spot.

Due to its geographical conditions wind is not available so this is a pure surf spot.Contact the front desk at the sport center for more information!

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