Pack Brice Faradji

7 Nights Accommodation 6-13 NOVEMBER Sports coaching: personalized Rebalanced food Weight loss (plates composes by the coach) Crossing the lagoon by swimming (Assistance boat + flottaison clothing) Nordic Walking / Running (10km) Aqua Fitness in the lagoon Jump fit... read more

Why take advanced kitesurfing classes?

Probably you came across this topic because you are bored of riding back and forth, you stopped progressing and just simply don’t feel that excitement when doing something for the first time. In this situation, advanced kitesurfing classes can help you to progress and... read more

Family friendly hotel in Dakhla

So you want to travel to Morocco with your kids? Great choice! Dakhla Attitude is a safe and family friendly hotel offering facilities such as kids’ play area, a small swimming pool, babysitting services and kids’ water sport courses. In this article, we will talk... read more

Sahraouiya: solidarity, sports and Sahraoui women

For those who don’t know “Sahraouiya” is women’s orienteering race, for the 4th time takes place in Dakhla, Morocco. The race consists of  5 stages that include orienteering (17km.), kayaking (6 km.), running & cycling (66 km.). This year from 3rd to 10th of... read more

5 reasons why yoga is important for kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a sport where all your muscles are constantly engaged. In order to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle it is important to stretch, reduce tension from muscles and strengthen deep inner core muscles. All of this comes with yoga practice. Here we give... read more

10 Pro kitesurfers to follow on Social Media

Let’s be honest. We are addicted to social media. Sometimes it is nice to run away from reality or just do a long morning scroll. We like to know what our friends, family and even haters are doing. Also, we all follow our favorite athletes and we know that they are... read more

How to get to Dakhla?

Image by ©Mintautas Grigas Many are asking how to get to this remote paradise. Thus, in this article we hope to answer many questions about flying by plane, coming by bus and driving by car to Dakhla. FLIGHTS from Europe There are no direct flights to Dakhla for now.... read more

10 reasons why you should visit Dakhla

If you haven’t heard anything about Dakhla you’re missing out a lot. Africa, the Sahara Desert, wind, lagoon, waves, ancient culture, remoteness- are exactly the words to describe this place. For those who want to experience something completely different from Europe... read more

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