Kitesurf lessons, material rental, surf shop, repair workshop, wake boarding, excursions and much more.

RIHFLY DAKHLA Water Sports Center is placed at the Dragon Beach at what is called the Point of the Dragon in Dakhla’s lagoon. Our main spot is a small lagoon inside of Dakhla’s bay that ends at the Dragon Island, big enough for everybody to have fun, learn, try some new tricks and in case something goes wrong, there is always going to be a safe way out of the water. The spot has no specific danger zones to be aware of and offers all kinds of conditions for various activities.

Our main spot is divided into different/several areas to guarantee safety, deliver security and assistance service and to allow everybody to have fun in the water. Teaching Zone A is for exclusive use of RIHFLY DAKHLA Sport Center instructors. Teaching Zone B can be used by external schools or instructors providing they registered at the sport center. The windsurf and kitesurf areas are delimited for everybody to enjoy their sessions in a safe and organized environment. Do not forget the rights of way and ride safe!

Dakhla is known as the wind paradise with over 330 days of wind per year. Wind normally blows from the north, this means side shore on the Dragon Beach. Sometimes the wind blows from the northeast and ends up being onshore to the Dragon Beach. This wind gives the spot a completely new perspective offering long rides from the Dragon Island till the end of the lagoon. For those few no wind days there will always be an alternative activity!

Every 2 days the wind, tide & wave forecast is posted on all info-boxes around the hotel.


Up means the conditions are not suitable to kite of windsurf or that there was been an accident in the water. With this flag up our security boats and staff are not available!


Up means the conditions are not recommended to kite of windsurf. Weather conditions might be changing or not enough / to strong wind. Security boat is available but going into the water is under each riders responsbility.


Up means the conditions that conditions are perfect for practicing the sport and that security service is available.


RIHFLY DAKHLA Sport Center is open all year long offering kitesurf and windsurf lessons, material rental, surf shop, repair workshop, wake boarding, excursions and much more. During wintertime (November till March) the sport center is open 9am-6pm. During the rest of the year, the center is open 9am-8pm.

All customers arriving at the Dakhla Attitude Hotel HAVE TO REGISTER at the sport center reception after finishing their check in process at the hotel reception and then the briefing held every day at 11am in front of the kitesurfing area where all the details about the spot and how the sport center works are explained.
30 minutes before closing time, a horn can be heard all through the lagoon, striking 3 times to ask customers with rented material to come back to the center. For the ones riding with their own gear and still in the water , this sound means please watch out as security will not be available anymore.

The lagoon has almost no danger zones. Customers need to watch out for the anchor of the boats (marked with a flag) and the boats itself. On low tide the sand is full of sharp shells. Please watch out for them and in case of a cut try to clean it up as much as possible and keep the wound always dry.

Rules of watersports center

Kites should NEVER be landed or launched from the concrete platform or the area in front of the sport center. The limit is marked with a row of red buoys and/or flags. Once in the water it is important to respect the other riders. You must know and apply the international rules of RIGHT OF WAY in the water.


The security team is active in the water from 9am to 6 pm (winter) / from 10am to 7pm (rest of the year). Outside of these hours, the boat is available but anchored in the sand and ready to go. Our team works full time with 2 Zodiacs, each one with a 25HP engine that makes them very fast in the water. The Security Team will always give priority to riders and situations that require immediate help. All of them are certified security assistants. Be aware that the security service is NOT to be used as a taxi. Customers should learn to body drag to retrieve their boards. Our big white boat is used for security on downwinds, speed spot and other kind of excursions only.
FIRST AID material is available at the sport center. In cases of bad accidents Dakhla’s Hospital and a local ambulance service is available. Customers must bring their passport and cash to be taken care of.

RIHFLY DAKHLA Sport Center offers different kinds of services for all registered customers to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

Next to the storage area 2 air compressor guns are available to pump kites. Dakhla Attitude and Rihfly Dakhla do not take any responsibility of kites exploding because they get over pumped.

All day long our Beach Assistance are on the beach helping to launch and land kites and transport windsurfs or any other material to the spot and back to the center.

All riders can use a storage place (one per bungalow) to keep all their material together. The storage area opens at 9AM and closes at 10PM. Video security 24/7.

We have a complete kite and windsurf repair area that repairs allÖ from a small scratch till a broken sail. Prices depend on the size of the damage and almost all is repaired in less then 24 hours.

Each area at the sport center has a big water tank for everybody to rinse with sweet water their material.

Next to the center there are some fresh water showers for everybody to use and rinse their wetsuits and gear even before taking it of. Remember we are in the dessert so don’t waste water.

The sport center offers a daily storage area for personal stuff and changing rooms for more comfort. Please do not forget to leave you valuable personal belongings at the front desk of the center.

Surf Shop is available with all the technical items you might need, the latest fashion retail, suncreams and basic stuff you might need during your stay.

Just in front of the Dragon Beach the Beach Bar offers great music, all kind of drinks, smoothies and snacks, Perfect place to rest, keep an eye on the action, socialize and watch the sunset.

All of our monitors are IKO or VDWS certified teachers. We use the latest techniques and tools to get all our students up an running in the most friendly, secure and fast way possible.

We offer the latest kitesurf material from Cabrinha and windsurf material from Fanatic and NS for rental. Level check is necessary and rental insurance is available in case an accident happens.

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