The Beach Bar is located 10 meters from our main spot and its the place where things happen. Relax enjoying a Mojito while watching the action right in front of you. Choose one of our traditional fruit juices after a session and get ready to go back. DJ Chill Out sessions twice a week at sunset. If you like water sports, good drinks, surf ambiance and great people then THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!


The Pink Flamingo Bar is the place to be at night time in Dakhla. It is open every day till way past midnight and that’s where the legendary PINK FLAMINGO PARTIES take place once a week. Bar, cocktails, dance floor, DJ table, live music, etc. All you need to have a wild night out or to just chill and have a good time with people like you.

Come and visit us!

The restaurant at Dakhla Attitude Hotel is a mix between the magic of traditional moroccan recipes and well known international cuisine. We focus on a well studied balance between taste and what an active body need to keep running and in shape. We operate under the most strict HACCP standards to ensure the best food quality. Whether you go for the menu or a meal “à la carte” you will always have the best possible taste, fresh local products and our friendly service at your table. Come and try it out!


We have come up with a complete menu based on traditional dishes and those in between food time snacks for everybody to enjoy anytime. Our principle is simple, we work with the best fresh local products and cook as tradition demands… with patients and love.

You will get to chose among traditional tajines, our world wide known fritter royal, lobsters, oysters, fresh fish cooked in all possible ways, salads, etc. Meals can be ordered at anytime, but if you have time and want to try the best of the moroccan cuisine, let us know in advance and we will serve you the best food you have ever tried!


The DAILY MENU is included in the price of the accommodation and is served at the Dakhla Attitude restaurant. Our menus change every day and some only repeat twice a month so you can try something different everyday. All our daily menus are elaborated in such a way as to deliver taste, variety and the perfect nutritional balance an active body needs to stay fit.

Our bread is a one in a life time experience. It is prepared every day at our restaurant. Let the smell of fresh baked bread invite you to relax and enjoy while you savor a delightful chicken tajine. Just delicious!

Water is served for free during lunch time at the restaurant. Dakhla Attitude Hotel is committed to fight against the plastic pollution in Dakhla, That’s why we serve purified water that is treated at our internal Reverse Osmosis Plant, ensuring water with is perfectly clean and drinking suitable.

For security reasons food and beverage brought from town or abroad can NOT be brought into the hotel, espacially alcoholic beverages. All alcoholic beverages have to be reported at the Hotel reception and a BOTTLE FEE of 50 euros will be charged. Not following this indication may lead us to force you to early departure. Special diet needs have to be declared at the reception. Let us know what you need, we are here to assist you!

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DAKHLA ATTITUDE INFO Dakhla Attitude 11 Avenue al Moukawama, BP41 Oued Eddahab Dakhla – MOROCCO PHONE BOOKING: +212 537 855 674 / +212 661 835 010 PHONE RECEPTION: +212 672 285 009 RECEPTION: BOOKING:

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