2013 was a great year in Dakhla Attitude and we closed it with an incredible video shot in Dakhla Attitude by Eyeforce with a special guest… Ruben Lenten

Last week we all where shocked with the news that Ruben has a new challenge in his life… a challenge that is even harder then those radical and breathtaking mega loops… he has a heat agains cancer that is going to be though but that we are sure he will win.

LEN10 has been a model and an inspiration for all of us that love kitesurfing… he has not only thought us about riding hard, jumping high and having fun… he has taught us all what this sport is all about and he will be teaching us how to for many years more.

Dakhla Attitude Hotel will donate, for each kitesurfing lesson and each kitesurfing rental we have all over September 2015, 5€ to the fundraiser that has been organized by Susi Mai and Bill Tai.

Good luck Ruben, keep up the spirit and we hope to see you soon in the water where you belong!

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