Dakhla Attitude Hotel’s SPA, managed by Massage du Monde, is an oasis of wellness and health where you will find everything your body needs. Massage du Monde has over 15 years experience in SPA services, offering all kinds of services. Dakhla Attitude Hotel’s SPA offers esthetic services (manicure, pedicure and depilation), a wide range of massages, hammam and of course physiotherapy so you can make the best out of your time in water even if the last crash you just had was bad.

The SPA is open 7d/7 from 11 am to 9 pm the afternoon (on low season the SPA is closed on Mondays). Come and let us take care of you! Before you leave, don’t forget to take some traditional moroccan SPA products with you so you can go back to paradise wherever you are!


Hammams is recommended primarily for its benefits to the skin and relaxing look it delivers. The heat causes the pores to open and eliminate toxins. Its purifying action releases the sinuses and nasal passages that lead to better breathing. Finally, heat facilitates complete muscle regeneration. A good way to take a break from everyday life! Steam helps you isolate yourself for a while, which benefits not only the body but also the spirit. It is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. Steam gives our skin a boost.

// Group Hammam: 15€
// Exfoliating Soap Hammam: 25€
// Hammam with exfoliating soap and argan oil: 40€


Facial Care: 30€

Eyebrown: 5€
Full leg: 30€
Half leg: 15€
Bikini-line: 10€
Full arm: 10€
Manicure: 15€
Pedicure: 20€
Nail Polish: 5€


Optimize your kiting time! This massage regenerates the muscles and provides relaxation. Muscle pain, slipped vertebra…? Our experience in osteophaty allows you to recover fast and make the most out of your next session. Massage focused on the deep muscles loaded during kite sessions of kite (abs, trapezius, shoulders, back).

€ 35 / 40min

Massage by sounds! The sound massage is based on the bio-resonance of sounds and vibrations. Singing bowls are used to balance the energy centers (chakras). This is an ancient healing method used by tibetan monks and goes back several millennia and offers an hour of relaxation. The cups are placed on chakras or around the body and gently blow to vibrate in harmony.

€ 50 / 60min

Based on eastern California and Indian massage technique, this creative and personalized massage will make you feel deeply relaxed. Developed by “Massage du monde”. Applied with essential oils and Argan oil.

€ 50 / 60min

The Kerala technique from southern India promotes the harmonious flow of energy and revitalizes the entire body, providing an overall wellbeing and relaxation of body and mind.

€ 50 / 60min

Also knows as Karma Massage. Hot stones are placed on the chakras to release energy blockages and stimulate vital energy.

€ 50 / 60min

This massage is good for various disorders (back pain, neck pain, joint pain, sprains, blood circulation problems, migraine, etc. ). Achieved by applying energy on the acupunture points and meridians using suction cups.

€ 50 / 60min

Performed by two therapists working in a synchronized manner. This massage works on muscle relaxation and creates profunde and great relaxation.

€ 70 / 60min

Massage specially designed to promote inner calm.

€ 25 / 45min

This massage moves the blood and stimulates the lymphatic system. Releases tension In the face and makes the skin stronger.

€ 12 / 20min

This massage involves working the plantar and unlock energy b lockages.

€ 12 / 20min


Facial, Manicure and Pedicure.

50 €

Collective hammam, 2x massage afterkite

45 €

Collective hammam, facial and massage to choose

85 €

Hammam, relaxing foot bath, masso-reflexology, manicures,
oriental massage

90 €

DAKHLA ATTITUDE INFO Dakhla Attitude 11 Avenue al Moukawama, BP41 Oued Eddahab Dakhla - MOROCCO PHONE BOOKING: +212 661 835 010 PHONE RECEPTION: +212 672 285 009 RECEPTION: reception@dakhla-attitude.ma BOOKING: booking@dakhla-attitude.ma BOOKING SPAIN: +34 629 048 618

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