5 Gründe warum Yoga wichtig für das Kitesurfen ist

Kitesurfen ist ein Sport bei dem all deine Muskeln permanent beansprucht werden. Um einen ausgeglichenen und gesunden Lifestyle zu leben ist es wichtig sich zu dehnen, um Spannung von Muskeln zu reduzieren und die Körpermitte zu stärken. All das kann man mit... mehr lesen

10 Pro kitesurfers to follow on Social Media

Let’s be honest. We are addicted to social media. Sometimes it is nice to run away from reality or just do a long morning scroll. We like to know what our friends, family and even haters are doing. Also, we all follow our favorite athletes and we know that they are... mehr lesen

How to get to Dakhla?

Image by ©Mintautas Grigas Many are asking how to get to this remote paradise. Thus, in this article we hope to answer many questions about flying by plane, coming by bus and driving by car to Dakhla. FLIGHTS from Europe There are no direct flights to Dakhla for now.... mehr lesen

Sahraouiya 3rd Edition in Dakhla

Sahraouiya orienteering race officially ends with an exciting closing ceremony where despite physical tiredness and several sunburns, all participants: women, organizers, local and international authorities achieved a success in 5-day orienteering race in Dakhla. On... mehr lesen


2013 was a great year in Dakhla Attitude and we closed it with an incredible video shot in Dakhla Attitude by Eyeforce with a special guest… Ruben Lenten Last week we all where shocked with the news that Ruben has a new challenge in his life… a challenge that is even... mehr lesen

Dakhla Attitude Cable Park has been added to the United Wakers

We could not be happier about this news! Dakhla Attitude Cable Park (DACP) has been added to the United Wakers (unitedwakers.com) directory which is the biggest directory of cable parks around the world. If you love water-sport… kitesurfing, windsurfing, surf, wake…... mehr lesen

Sirens of the desert

September will be dedicated to women in water sports! Kiteboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding and SUP are still predominantly a “man’s world”! So that’s why Hotel Dakhla Attitude is hosting the Sirens of the desert , the event to encourage women to take part in the... mehr lesen

Dakhla all over the world!

It is great to see how Dakhla is being mentioned every time more in the media all over the world. This little corner in the extreme south of Morocco is definitely a place to discover, experience and to take it with you forever. JOIN US and experience Dakhla as never... mehr lesen

TripAdvisor certification of Excellence 2015

TripAdvisor has given Dakhla Attitude Hotel the certification of Excellence 2015. We are proud of this and its the result of a hard working team that shares its passion for our clients, the sport and Dakhla. mehr lesen

IMPORTANT: New flight schedule by RAM for Dakhla!

Good news for everybody that loves Dakhla! Royal Air Maroc has announced that starting from the 1st of June 2015 the flights to Dakhla change… Flights will be leaving from Casablanca to Dakhla at 8:30PM (arriving in Dakhla at 10:45PM) and the flights from Dakhla to... mehr lesen


FREESTYLE with ALBERTO RONDINA DATE: 21-27.09.2015 LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced. PRICE: 550€ – LIMITED TO 12 PARTICIPANTS ONLY! *(5 days clinic + 7 days lodging in a DRAGON CANP BG in double occupancy). Lodging, full beard, airport transfer, wifi and clinic... mehr lesen

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