RIHFLY DAKHLA Water Sports Center is open all year long offering Kitesurfing Lessons for beginners, intermediate riders looking to progress and advanced riders looking for some specific training. We also offer Kitesurf lessons for kids and persons with special needs. All our instructors are IKO or VDWS certified instructors and RIHFLY DAKHLA Waters Sports Center is the only IKO affiliated Kitesurfing Center in Dakhla.

Our Kitesurf lessons are mainly taught in English and French. Our instructors can also teach lessons in German, Spanish, Polish and Arabic.

With our experience and specific teaching plans make it easy and fun to start into kitesurf and it also allows us to provide an intensive teaching that always leads to success. It does not matter if customers just want to discover the sport, are complete beginners, need to refresh their knowledge or wish to get to the next level with their kiting. We are here to advice and help!

All our kitesurf lessons are scheduled depending on the wind and weather forecast and we try to get everyone in the water as much and often as possible. Kitesurf Lessons are teached in front of the sport center on the so-called Dragon Beach.

RIHFLY DAKHLA Water Sports Center works with the latest CABRINHA kiteboarding equipment All our accessories (wetsuits, helmets, life vests, harnesses) are from the NP catalogue and all items are checked and registered on a daily basis. We use the latest technology available to provide the best possible experience.

The LESSON BOARD for the next day is displayed at the sport center everyday at 5 pm. Although we try and have the students always work with the same instructor, RIHFLY DAKHLA Sport Center reserves the right to assign their instructor as appropriate.

Kids (under 15) and people with specific needs have to book Private lessons. For kids, parents must sign a responsibility statement so we can teach them and they have to find themselves in Dakhla Attitude premises and be available whenever the kids are in training. If you have specific needs or questions please contact Rihfly Dakhla Sport Center.



Semi-Private Lessons are ideal for those wanting to make progress faster. One monitor, 2 students with 2 complete kite sets. Each student has its own wetsuit, harness, helmet, life vest and complete kite set. In case there are not enough persons to create a Semi-Private Group the students will be upgraded to PRIVATE lessons and the time of their booked lessons will be reduced by 1/3 or we will apply the principle of 50% of instructors’ dedication during the hours booked.


Private Lessons are ideal for those wanting to make the best out of their own time. One to one personalized teaching all included. All graduated students in Private Lessons are invited to a free downwind to the white dune with Rihfly Dakhla Sport Center staff. Kids under 15 can ONLY go to PRIVATE lessons!


RIHFLY DAKHLA Sport Center holds the complete 2017 CABRINHA catalog at the kitesurfing area. Every item is checked every day to guarantee the best possible quality and we have over 100 kites and 75 boards available.

FOIL KITESURFING: RIHFLY DAKHLA Sport Center offers a FOIL KITEBOARD for rental(Tomavento board and Sword Fin by Taaroa). To be able to rent the board customers need to take a specific one hour lesson and can rent it for 2 hours per day max. (board only). Rental price: 30€ per hour for the material and 50€ for the training. The FOIL RENTAL does NOT include any insurance. The reparation for any damage has to be paid and in case reparation is not possible then the material needs to be refunded (1500€).

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries

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